How to make a fake security camera out of cardboard


Are you looking for an inexpensive way to deter potential intruders? Creating a fake security camera out of cardboard can be a simple yet effective solution. By using common household items, you can make a realistic-looking fake camera that may help to protect your home or business.

In this DIY project, we will guide you through the steps to make your own fake security camera using cardboard, paint, and a few other materials. While this fake camera won’t actually record any footage, its presence alone may be enough to make would-be criminals think twice.

Step-by-step guide to making a fake security camera from cardboard

Creating a fake security camera out of cardboard is a fun and cost-effective way to deter unwanted visitors. Follow these simple steps to make your own:

Step 1: Start by gathering all the materials you will need, including a cardboard tube, black paint, a red LED light, a battery, and glue.
Step 2: Cut the cardboard tube to the desired length for your camera and paint it black to give it a realistic look.
Step 3: Attach the red LED light to the front of the cardboard tube to mimic the appearance of a recording light.
Step 4: Use glue to secure the battery to the inside of the tube and connect it to the LED light to make it functional.
Step 5: Mount your fake security camera in a visible location to deter potential intruders and enjoy the added peace of mind.
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Materials needed for creating a DIY fake security camera

To create a fake security camera out of cardboard, you will need the following materials:

  • Cardboard: You will need a piece of cardboard to create the body of the fake camera.
  • Silver or black spray paint: To give the cardboard a metallic or black finish to mimic a real security camera.
  • Red LED light: To simulate the recording or power indicator light on a real camera.
  • Black electrical tape: To create the lens and other details on the fake camera.
  • Scissors and glue: To cut and assemble the cardboard into the shape of a camera.

Gather tools required for assembling the fake security camera

To create a realistic fake security camera out of cardboard, you will need the following tools:

Hot glue gun
Black spray paint
Small LED light (optional)

Make sure you have all these tools ready before you start assembling the fake security camera.

Prepare the cardboard for constructing the fake security camera

Before you start building your fake security camera, you’ll need to prepare the cardboard for the construction process. Here’s what you need to do:

Gather materials:

Collect all the necessary materials, including cardboard, scissors, glue, black paint, a marker, and a small round mirror.

Cut the cardboard:

Measure and cut the cardboard into the desired shape and size for the camera body, lens, and other components. Make sure to cut out holes for the lens and any other features you want to include.

Cut and shape the cardboard into the desired form for the fake security camera

Start by outlining the shape of the security camera on the cardboard using a pencil and ruler. You can choose a circular or rectangular design based on your preference.

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Once you have the outline, carefully cut along the lines using scissors or a utility knife. Make sure to cut out holes for the lens and any other features you want to include.

Shaping the camera

Bend and fold the cardboard to give it a three-dimensional shape. You can use a hot glue gun to secure the edges and create a sturdy structure.

Use additional pieces of cardboard to add details like knobs, wires, or a mounting bracket to make the fake security camera look more realistic.

Paint and decorate the cardboard to make it look like a real security camera

Once you have assembled the basic structure of the fake security camera using cardboard, it’s time to make it look authentic. Start by painting the cardboard with a color that resembles a typical security camera, such as black or dark grey. You can use spray paint or acrylic paint for this step.

After the paint has dried, consider adding details like a lens, LED lights, or warning stickers to give the illusion of a functioning camera. You can use small pieces of reflective tape for the lens and LEDs, and print out fake security camera stickers to attach to the cardboard.

Install a blinking LED light to enhance the authenticity of the fake security camera

To make your fake security camera even more convincing, consider adding a blinking LED light to mimic the appearance of a real camera. This simple addition can make the camera appear operational and act as a deterrent to potential intruders.

Steps to install a blinking LED light:

  1. Choose a small LED light that blinks intermittently.
  2. Make a small hole in the front of the cardboard camera housing where you want the LED light to be placed.
  3. Insert the LED light through the hole and secure it in place using glue or tape.
  4. Connect the LED light to a small battery or power source to make it blink.
  5. Ensure that the LED light is visible from a distance to give the impression of a functioning security camera.
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Mount the fake security camera in a strategic location for deterrence effect

Once you have assembled your fake security camera, the next step is to mount it in a strategic location to maximize its deterrence effect. Here are some tips on where to place your fake security camera:

  1. Visible and prominent: Place the fake camera in a location where it is easily visible to anyone entering the area. This will give the impression that the area is under surveillance, deterring potential intruders.
  2. High and out of reach: Mount the fake camera at a height that is out of reach, making it harder for anyone to tamper with or remove the camera.

Remember, the goal is to create the illusion of surveillance, so choose a location that is realistic and would be a typical spot for a real security camera. By strategically placing your fake security camera, you can enhance its effectiveness in deterring unwanted behavior.

Test the effectiveness of the fake security camera in deterring potential intruders

After you have successfully assembled your fake security camera out of cardboard, it’s time to test its effectiveness in deterring potential intruders. This step will help you evaluate whether the fake camera looks convincing enough to discourage trespassers.

Steps to test the fake security camera:

  1. Place the fake security camera in a visible location where it can be easily spotted by someone approaching your property.
  2. Observe the reactions of individuals passing by or entering the area. Note if they seem cautious or hesitant upon noticing the camera.
  3. Monitor any changes in behavior, such as individuals avoiding the camera’s line of sight or acting more discreetly.

By conducting these tests, you can determine if the fake security camera is an effective deterrent for potential intruders. Remember that the goal is to create the illusion of surveillance, so pay attention to how people react to the presence of the camera.

Enjoy the cost-effective security solution provided by your DIY fake security camera

With your homemade fake security camera in place, you can enjoy a cost-effective security solution that deters potential intruders and gives you peace of mind. While it may not have all the features of a real security camera, the visual deterrent effect can be just as powerful.

Save Money

By creating your own fake security camera out of cardboard, you can save money on expensive security systems. This DIY solution is budget-friendly and can be just as effective in deterring intruders.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have a security measure in place, even if it’s fake, can give you peace of mind and make you feel safer in your home or office. The visual presence of a security camera can make potential intruders think twice before attempting any illegal activities.

Cost-effective Visual deterrent effect Peace of mind

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