How to use dual camera on iphone 7 plus


iPhone 7 Plus introduced a revolutionary dual-camera system that allows users to capture stunning photos and videos with enhanced depth of field and optical zoom. If you’re a proud owner of this device, you may be wondering how to make the most of its dual-camera setup. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the features and functions of the dual camera on iPhone 7 Plus and show you how to take your photography skills to the next level.

With the dual-camera system on iPhone 7 Plus, you have two lenses at your disposal – a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. This setup enables you to take advantage of optical zoom, which allows you to get closer to your subject without sacrificing image quality. The wide-angle lens is perfect for capturing landscapes and group shots, while the telephoto lens is ideal for shooting portraits and achieving a shallow depth of field.

Portrait Mode is a standout feature of the dual camera on iPhone 7 Plus. This mode uses both lenses to create a depth map of your subject, resulting in beautifully blurred backgrounds that mimic the look of professional DSLR cameras. To activate Portrait Mode, simply open the Camera app and swipe to select it. From there, you can adjust the depth effect and take stunning portrait photos with ease.

Understanding the Setup

When you open the Camera app on your iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll see a button with “1x” written on it. This indicates that the wide-angle lens is currently active. To switch to the telephoto lens and enable optical zoom, simply tap on the “1x” button. You can then use the slider to zoom in further or switch back to the wide-angle lens.

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Camera Lens Function
Wide-angle lens Main lens for normal photography
Telephoto lens Enables optical zoom and depth-of-field effects

It’s important to note that the dual camera feature on the iPhone 7 Plus works seamlessly to provide you with high-quality photos and videos. Experiment with both lenses to see the different effects you can achieve and make the most of your dual camera setup.

Switching between Lenses

One of the key features of the dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus is the ability to switch between the two lenses seamlessly. This allows you to choose between the wide-angle lens and the telephoto lens, giving you more flexibility in your photography.

To switch between the lenses, simply open the Camera app on your iPhone 7 Plus. In the camera interface, you will see a small “1x” or “2x” button at the bottom of the screen. Tap on this button to switch between the wide-angle and telephoto lenses.

Portrait Mode Photography

Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus allows you to capture stunning photos with a professional-looking depth-of-field effect. This feature utilizes the dual cameras on the device to create a sharp subject in the foreground against a beautifully blurred background.

How to Use Portrait Mode:

  • Open the Camera app on your iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Swipe to select the “Portrait” mode from the camera options.
  • Position your subject within 8 feet of the camera for optimal results.
  • Tap the shutter button to capture the portrait photo.

Portrait mode is perfect for capturing portraits, close-up shots, and even nature photography where you want to emphasize the subject while creating a pleasing bokeh effect in the background.

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Adjusting Depth of Field

One of the key features of the dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus is the ability to adjust the depth of field in your photos. This allows you to create stunning portraits with a beautifully blurred background, making your subject stand out.

To adjust the depth of field, open the Camera app on your iPhone 7 Plus and select the “Portrait” mode. This mode utilizes the dual camera system to create a depth map of your subject and background, allowing you to adjust the level of blur in real-time.

Adjusting Depth Effect

  • After capturing a photo in Portrait mode, tap on the “Edit” button.
  • Use the depth slider to adjust the level of blur in the background.
  • Tap “Done” to save your changes.

Experiment with different levels of blur to achieve the desired effect and make your portraits pop. The dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus gives you the flexibility to create professional-looking photos with ease.

Editing Dual Camera Images

After taking photos with the dual camera on your iPhone 7 Plus, you may want to edit and enhance them to make them look even better. Here are some tips on how to edit your dual camera images:

1. Use Portrait mode

Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus allows you to create a depth-of-field effect that makes your subject stand out against a blurred background. This can give your photos a professional look and feel. Experiment with different lighting effects and adjust the depth effect to get the desired result.

2. Adjust the lighting

After taking a photo with the dual camera, you can adjust the lighting effects using editing tools like brightness, contrast, and saturation. This will help you enhance the colors and details in your images, making them more vibrant and appealing.

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By carefully editing your dual camera images, you can turn ordinary photos into stunning works of art that you will be proud to share with friends and family.

Carmen J. Moore
Carmen J. Moore

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