Can sena gp10-02 be used with newer gopro camera


Sena GP10-02 is a popular Bluetooth pack that allows you to connect your GoPro camera to your Sena headset for easy control and communication. However, with the release of newer GoPro camera models, many users are wondering if the Sena GP10-02 is still compatible.

The Sena GP10-02 is designed to work with specific GoPro models, so it’s important to check the compatibility list before making a purchase. While the Sena GP10-02 may not be compatible with the latest GoPro models out of the box, there are often firmware updates available that can add compatibility with newer cameras.

Before purchasing a Sena GP10-02 for use with a newer GoPro camera, it’s recommended to visit the Sena website or contact their customer support to confirm compatibility and learn about any necessary updates or workarounds. With the right setup, you can continue to enjoy the convenience of using your Sena headset with your GoPro camera, even with the latest models.

Can Sena GP10-02 Be Compatible

Sena GP10-02 is designed to work with specific GoPro cameras, such as the GoPro HERO3 and HERO3+. However, newer GoPro models may not be compatible with the GP10-02 due to changes in connectors or software protocols.

If you have a newer GoPro camera, it is recommended to check the compatibility of the GP10-02 with your specific model before purchasing. Sena may offer updated versions or alternative solutions to ensure compatibility with the latest GoPro cameras.

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With Newer GoPro Cameras

The Sena GP10-02 can be used with newer GoPro cameras as long as they have the appropriate port for the GP10-02 to connect to. The GP10-02 is compatible with GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4, and HERO5 cameras, allowing you to capture high-quality audio while recording video.


The GP10-02 is designed to work seamlessly with GoPro cameras, providing a simple and convenient way to enhance your video recordings with clear audio. It is a great accessory for vloggers, filmmakers, and content creators who want to improve the audio quality of their GoPro videos.

Important Note:

Before using the GP10-02 with a newer GoPro camera, make sure to check the compatibility and follow the instructions provided by Sena to ensure proper connection and functionality.

Overview of Sena GP10-02

The Sena GP10-02 is a versatile device designed to connect your GoPro camera to your Sena Bluetooth communication system. With the GP10-02, you can easily control your GoPro camera using your Sena headset, allowing you to capture hands-free footage while out on your adventures.

Compatible with a range of GoPro cameras, the GP10-02 offers seamless integration and control, making it a must-have accessory for GoPro enthusiasts. Whether you’re recording your motorbike rides, mountain biking adventures, or any other action-packed activities, the Sena GP10-02 ensures you can capture every moment with ease.

Compatibility of Sena GP10-02

The Sena GP10-02 is designed to be compatible with older GoPro cameras, specifically the GoPro HERO3 and HERO3+ models. Unfortunately, it may not work with newer GoPro cameras due to changes in their firmware and hardware configurations.

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If you have a newer GoPro camera such as the HERO4, HERO5, HERO6, or HERO7, it is recommended to check with Sena or the camera manufacturer for compatibility information. It is possible that Sena may release updates or new versions of the GP10-02 to support newer GoPro models in the future.

Benefits of Using Sena GP10-02

The Sena GP10-02 is a versatile device that offers a range of benefits for users looking to enhance their GoPro camera experience.

  • Wireless Connectivity: The Sena GP10-02 allows for wireless communication between your GoPro camera and Sena Bluetooth headsets, providing a seamless and convenient way to control your camera.
  • Remote Control: With the Sena GP10-02, you can remotely control your GoPro camera, allowing you to start and stop recording, capture photos, and adjust settings without having to physically touch the camera.
  • Hands-Free Operation: By using the Sena GP10-02 with a Bluetooth headset, you can operate your GoPro camera hands-free, making it ideal for capturing action shots while on the move.
  • Enhanced Audio: The Sena GP10-02 supports audio recording through the Bluetooth headset, ensuring that you capture high-quality sound to complement your video footage.
  • Compatibility: The Sena GP10-02 is compatible with a wide range of GoPro cameras, making it a versatile accessory for GoPro users who want to enhance their filming capabilities.

Comparison with Other Camera Accessories

When comparing the Sena GP10-02 with other camera accessories on the market, it stands out for its compatibility with GoPro cameras. Many other accessories may not offer the same level of integration with GoPro devices, making the Sena GP10-02 a preferred choice for GoPro users.

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  • The Sena GP10-02 provides seamless Bluetooth connectivity with GoPro cameras, allowing for easy control and management of camera settings.
  • Compared to other accessories, the Sena GP10-02 offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive operation.


The Sena GP10-02 is specifically designed to work with GoPro cameras, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. While other accessories may claim to be compatible with various camera brands, the Sena GP10-02 is tailored to meet the specific needs of GoPro users.

Customer Reviews on Sena GP10-02

Here are some customer reviews on the Sena GP10-02:

Reviewer Rating Comment
JohnDoe123 5 stars “Great product! Works perfectly with my newer GoPro camera.”
AdventureGirl 4 stars “Easy to install and use. Improved my camera’s audio quality.”
TechEnthusiast 3 stars “Decent product, but the Bluetooth connection could be more stable.”

These reviews provide insights into the performance and user experience of the Sena GP10-02 with newer GoPro cameras.

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