How to get resource drones in warframe


Resource drones are valuable assets in Warframe that can help you collect resources more efficiently. These drones can be deployed to gather specific resources while you focus on combat or other activities. If you’re looking to acquire resource drones in Warframe, this guide will provide you with the information you need to get started.

There are several ways to obtain resource drones in Warframe: completing specific missions, purchasing them from the in-game market, or obtaining them as rewards from events or special promotions. Each method has its own requirements and benefits, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your playstyle and goals.

Once you have acquired a resource drone, you can deploy it in missions to collect resources automatically. Resource drones can be a great help in farming rare materials or resources that are hard to come by. By using resource drones strategically, you can save time and effort while still reaping the rewards of your missions in Warframe.

How to Get Resource Drones in Warframe

Resource drones in Warframe can be obtained by completing the Operation: Plague Star event. This event usually occurs periodically and allows players to earn standing with the Operational Supply Syndicate, which can be used to purchase resource drones.

To participate in the Operation: Plague Star event, players need to visit Cetus on Earth during the event’s duration. Once there, they can talk to Konzu to start the event. Players will then need to complete a series of missions to earn standing and progress through the event, eventually unlocking the ability to purchase resource drones.

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Resource drones are valuable companions in Warframe as they can collect resources for players, making resource farming more efficient. By following the steps outlined above, players can easily obtain resource drones and enhance their gameplay experience in Warframe.

Understanding the Resource Drone System

In Warframe, resource drones are a valuable tool for gathering additional resources during missions. These drones can be deployed to collect specific resources, such as ores, gems, or other materials, while you focus on completing objectives.

How to Obtain Resource Drones

Resource drones can be obtained by completing specific missions or by purchasing them from the in-game market. They come in different variants, each specializing in gathering different types of resources.

Deploying Resource Drones

  • Once you have acquired a resource drone, you can deploy it during a mission by using the gear wheel.
  • Select the appropriate drone from your inventory and deploy it in the mission area.
  • The drone will then start collecting resources automatically, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Resource Drone Types in Warframe

Resource drones in Warframe come in different types, each serving a specific purpose. Here are some common types of resource drones:

1. Oxium Osprey Drone: This drone drops Oxium when destroyed, which is a valuable resource used in crafting various items.

2. Animo Drone: Animo Drones drop Animo Beacons, which are used in the Arbitration mission type.

3. Oxium Osprey Drone: These drones drop Oxium, a valuable resource used in crafting various items.

4. Juggernaut Behemoth Drone: These drones drop Mutagen Samples, which are essential for researching and crafting items in the Clan Dojo’s Bio Lab.

By hunting down and destroying these resource drones, players can gather valuable resources to progress in the game and craft powerful gear.

Acquiring Resource Drones

Resource drones in Warframe can be obtained through various means. Here are some ways to acquire resource drones:

  • Complete Syndicate missions and earn standing to purchase resource drones from Syndicate vendors.
  • Participate in Invasions and receive resource drone blueprint as a reward.
  • Participate in Alerts and receive resource drones as a reward.
  • Trade with other players for resource drones or their blueprints.
  • Participate in special events or promotions where resource drones are offered as rewards.

By utilizing these methods, you can acquire resource drones to help you gather resources more efficiently in Warframe.

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Deploying Resource Drones in Missions

Resource drones in Warframe can be a valuable asset during missions, helping you gather essential resources without having to manually collect them. Here’s how you can deploy resource drones:

1. Crafting Resource Drones

Before you can deploy resource drones in missions, you need to craft them in your Foundry. Each resource drone requires specific resources and a blueprint to craft. Make sure you have the necessary components before attempting to craft a resource drone.

2. Equipping Resource Drones

Once you have crafted a resource drone, head to your Arsenal and equip it in your Gear wheel. You can only equip a limited number of resource drones at a time, so choose wisely based on the mission objectives and resource requirements.

When you are in a mission, press the corresponding hotkey to deploy the resource drone. The drone will then follow you and start collecting resources automatically. Keep an eye on its status and make sure to protect it from enemy attacks.

By deploying resource drones strategically, you can optimize your resource gathering and focus on completing mission objectives more efficiently. Experiment with different drone setups to find the best configuration for your playstyle and mission requirements.

Maximizing Resource Drone Efficiency

Resource drones in Warframe can be a valuable asset in gathering resources efficiently. To maximize their efficiency, follow these tips:

1. Upgrade Your Resource Drones

Invest in upgrading your resource drones to increase their capacity and speed. Upgraded drones can gather more resources in less time, saving you time and effort.

2. Use Resource Boosters

Consider using resource boosters to increase the amount of resources gathered by your drones. Resource boosters can be purchased from the in-game market or obtained as rewards from events or alerts.

Tip Description
3. Coordinate Drone Deployments Deploy multiple resource drones simultaneously to cover more ground and gather resources faster. Coordinate your drone deployments with your squadmates for maximum efficiency.

Upgrading Resource Drones

Resource drones in Warframe can be upgraded to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in gathering resources. Upgrading your resource drones can help you collect more resources faster, making your resource farming more efficient.

How to Upgrade Resource Drones:

To upgrade your resource drones, you will need to access the Foundry in your Orbiter. In the Foundry, navigate to the “Upgrades” tab and select the resource drone you want to upgrade. You can then choose from various upgrades to enhance its capabilities.

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Upgrade Options: Upgrades for resource drones may include increased resource collection speed, larger resource storage capacity, improved movement speed, and other enhancements to make them more efficient in gathering resources.

By upgrading your resource drones, you can optimize your resource farming and make the most out of your missions in Warframe.

Resource Drone Strategies and Tips

Resource drones are valuable tools in Warframe that can help you gather essential resources efficiently. Here are some strategies and tips to make the most of your resource drones:

1. Choose the Right Resource Drone

There are different types of resource drones in Warframe, each specializing in gathering specific types of resources. Make sure to choose the drone that matches the resources you need the most.

2. Deploy Drones Strategically

Deploy your resource drones in areas where the resources you are targeting are abundant. This will maximize the efficiency of your drones and help you gather resources faster.

  • Consider deploying multiple drones at once to cover a larger area and collect more resources simultaneously.
  • Keep an eye on your drones’ progress and relocate them if necessary to ensure they are collecting resources effectively.

By following these strategies and tips, you can make the most of your resource drones in Warframe and gather the resources you need to progress in the game.

Benefits of Using Resource Drones

Resource Drones in Warframe offer several advantages to players who utilize them effectively. Here are some key benefits:

1. Increased Efficiency

Resource Drones can help players gather essential resources more efficiently by autonomously collecting them while the player focuses on other tasks. This saves time and allows players to progress faster in the game.

2. Resource Variety

Using Resource Drones allows players to access a wider range of resources, including rare and hard-to-find items. This can be particularly useful for crafting specific gear or completing challenging missions that require specific resources.

By leveraging the benefits of Resource Drones, players can enhance their overall Warframe experience and achieve their in-game goals more effectively.


How can I obtain resource drones in Warframe?

Resource drones in Warframe can be obtained by purchasing them from the Market with Platinum or by earning them through certain in-game events or rewards. You can also find resource drones as drops from specific enemies or as rewards for completing certain missions.

Are resource drones essential for gameplay in Warframe?

While resource drones can be helpful in gathering resources more efficiently in Warframe, they are not essential for gameplay. Players can still gather resources manually by farming in missions or by using other methods to collect the materials they need.

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