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In the realm of digital photography, capturing the subtle energy fields that surround living beings has long been a fascinating challenge. The elusive aura, an ethereal glow that is said to emanate from all living things, has captured the imagination of mystics and scientists alike.

With advancements in technology, it is now possible to attempt to capture the aura with a digital camera. By utilizing specialized equipment and techniques, photographers can explore the enigmatic world of aura photography and potentially reveal hidden aspects of the human energy field.

This article delves into the intriguing realm of aura photography, offering insights into the history of this mystical practice, the science behind it, and practical tips for capturing and interpreting the elusive aura with a digital camera. Join us on a journey to unlock the mysteries of the aura and discover the hidden beauty that surrounds us.

Understanding Aura Photography

Aura photography is a fascinating technique that captures the energy fields surrounding living beings. The concept of aura is based on the idea that all living things emit a unique energy field that can be captured through specialized photography techniques.

How Does Aura Photography Work?

Aura photography typically involves using a camera equipped with sensors that can detect and translate the electromagnetic field emitted by the subject into colorful patterns. These patterns are then displayed as a visual representation of the person’s aura.

Interpreting Aura Colors

The colors of the aura are believed to reflect the emotional, mental, and spiritual state of the individual. Different colors are associated with various aspects of the person’s personality and well-being, providing insights into their inner self.

The Basics of Aura

An aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds living beings and objects. It is believed to reflect the energy and emotions of the individual or object it surrounds. Auras can appear in different colors and patterns, each representing a different aspect of the person or object.

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Colors and Meanings

The colors of an aura can vary and each color is associated with different emotions, traits, and energies. For example, a red aura may indicate passion and energy, while a blue aura may symbolize calmness and clarity.

Color Meaning
Red Passion, energy
Blue Calmness, clarity
Green Healing, growth

Equipment Needed for Aura Photography

To capture aura with a digital camera, you will need the following equipment:

  • A digital camera with manual settings: Choose a camera that allows you to adjust the exposure, focus, and other settings manually.
  • A tripod: A stable tripod is essential for keeping the camera steady during long exposure shots.
  • An aura photography lens: This specialized lens is designed to capture the subtle energy fields around a person.
  • An aura photography filter: A filter that can enhance the visibility of auras in photographs.
  • A dark background: To provide contrast and make the aura more visible in the photograph.

With these equipment, you can effectively capture and photograph auras using a digital camera.

Setting Up Your Digital Camera

Before you start capturing aura with your digital camera, it is important to set it up properly to ensure the best results. Here are some key steps to follow:

1. Clean the lens of your camera to avoid any smudges or dirt that may affect the image quality.

2. Choose the appropriate shooting mode on your camera – manual mode is recommended for capturing aura as it allows you to adjust the settings according to your needs.

3. Set the white balance to ensure accurate color representation in your aura photos.

4. Adjust the exposure settings to control the amount of light entering the camera and avoid overexposed or underexposed images.

5. Use a tripod to keep your camera stable and avoid any blurriness in the photos.

By following these steps, you will be ready to capture stunning aura photos with your digital camera.

Capturing the Aura Effectively

When capturing the aura with a digital camera, it is important to follow some key steps to ensure you get the best results. Here are some tips to help you capture the aura effectively:

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1. Prepare Your Camera

Make sure your camera is fully charged and set to the appropriate settings for capturing energy fields. Adjust the exposure and white balance settings to enhance the aura’s visibility in your photos.

2. Create the Right Environment

Choose a quiet and peaceful location with minimal distractions to capture the aura effectively. Dim the lights or use natural light to create a soothing atmosphere that will help enhance the aura’s visibility.

Post-Processing Techniques for Aura Images

After capturing aura images with a digital camera, it is essential to apply post-processing techniques to enhance and analyze the captured data. Here are some key post-processing techniques for aura images:

  • Color Adjustment: Adjust the color balance and saturation to bring out the subtle colors of the aura.
  • Contrast Enhancement: Enhance the contrast of the image to make the aura colors more distinct and vibrant.
  • Noise Reduction: Use noise reduction tools to clean up any noise in the image and improve overall image quality.
  • Sharpening: Apply sharpening techniques to enhance the details and clarity of the aura image.
  • Image Overlay: Overlay multiple aura images to compare and analyze the changes in aura colors over time.
  • Image Calibration: Calibrate the image to ensure accurate color representation and measurement of aura colors.

Sharing and Analyzing Aura Photos

Once you have successfully captured aura photos with your digital camera, you can share them with others for analysis and interpretation. Sharing aura photos can be a powerful way to connect with others and receive feedback on the energy and colors captured in the images.

There are various online platforms and communities where you can share your aura photos, such as social media channels, forums, and websites dedicated to energy healing and aura photography. By sharing your photos, you can receive insights and interpretations from experts or fellow enthusiasts in the field.

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Additionally, you can analyze aura photos yourself by studying the colors and patterns present in the images. Different colors and their placements in the aura can indicate various emotions, energies, and states of being. Take time to observe and reflect on the aura photos you have captured to gain a deeper understanding of the subtle energies surrounding you and others.

Remember that aura photography is a tool for self-discovery and exploration, and sharing and analyzing aura photos can enhance your spiritual journey and connection with the energies around you.


Can I capture aura with a regular digital camera?

Yes, you can capture aura with a regular digital camera by using certain techniques like Kirlian photography or by adjusting the settings of the camera to capture energy fields around the body.

What is Kirlian photography and how does it help to capture aura?

Kirlian photography is a technique that captures the electrical discharge around an object. It is believed to capture the aura or energy field surrounding living beings. By using Kirlian photography, you can visualize and capture the aura in a photograph.

Are there any specific tips for capturing aura with a digital camera?

Yes, some tips for capturing aura with a digital camera include using a low ISO setting, adjusting the exposure time, and ensuring proper lighting conditions. It is also important to have a calm and relaxed subject to capture a clear aura.

Can the colors of the aura captured with a digital camera have different meanings?

Yes, in some belief systems and practices, the colors of the aura are thought to correspond to different emotions, energies, or aspects of a person’s being. For example, red may represent passion or energy, while blue may represent calmness or intuition. Interpretation of aura colors can vary.

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