The Best Batteries for the GoPro Cameras Review

gopro best batteries
Photo by Yandle / CC BY

The GoPro’s are amazing little action cameras, that can be used for a lot of things – time lapses, extreme and incredible videos with high resolution and even shooting underwater, because they are completely waterproof. Overall they are everything that every fan of the video shooting can want.

One really bad thing about the cameras is that they are pretty small, so this means very little place for a big battery, so most of us get around one to two hours of action time. But it not so vital, because you can fix this problem with some extra batteries from the manufacturer or aftermarket sellers.

Most of the batteries can be bought in a pack, usually with two or three together, or even with charger, but some manufacturers also offer on the market single batteries without anything else, which are the greatest option for every one on a budget.

So let’s see which are the best batteries for the GoPro cameras and what every single one can offer to the user.


The Official GoPro Battery for Hero 4

This is the official replacement battery, coming directly from the manufacturer of the GoPro cameras. With this battery you will not trouble yourself with compatibility or other issues or in other words – this is the safest choice. And if you have any problems with the battery, you can be sure that you will receive support and customer service from the company.

This battery is Li-ion, working on 3,8V with 1160mAh power, like the original ones that came with the GoPro’s. Compatible with both GoPro Hero4 Black and Hero4 Silver.

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Wasabi Power Battery

This is one of the aftermarket solutions for a battery. If for some reason you don’t want to buy an official battery, you can choose this one instead. The Wasabi Power battery can offer you very good quality for its value. The manufacturer offers not only single battery, but a two-pack and you can add a charger. If you want to go big, you can choose the three-pack with a charger and connection cable.

The Wasabi Power batteries are like the original, not only in form but in specs. They are Li-ion on 3,8V and with 1160mAh power.

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SmaTree Replacement Li-Ion Battery

This is another third-party solution for you GoPro camera. It’s one of the most used and preferred on the market with the Wasabi one. The SmaTree batteries are a lot like the Wasabi ones in every single way, so it’s really up to you what to choose. But in the both cases, you can’t go wrong.

With SmaTree you can buy single battery, two-pack and more, and can get full pack with a charger. It’s always good to have a few more spare batteries, especially if you plan to shoot for a long time, so think about getting more than a single battery.

The SmaTree batteries are Li-ion, 3,8V but with more juice in them – 1290mAh.

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