Sabrent Flexible Tripod for standard Tripod mount Review

gopro mount tripod
Photo by matt / CC-BY

Every single GoPro user have the need for a tripod at some point and start a searching for the best one for its needs. Versatile ones as the Sabrent’s Flexible Tripod are preferred in these cases and we will tell you why in this review.

The Sabrent Flexible Tripod, as the name suggest, is a removable GoPro tripod mount which make the camera be more stable and secure. It has rubberized ring and three feet with good grips which provide the best stability to the GoPro. The flexible design gives you the opportunity to level out the camera on very uneven surfaces, which is great to get the shots that you want.

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In the package of the Sabrent Flexible Tripod you will find the tripod and a mount adapter for the GoPro cameras. All of the mentioned comes with very good and pleasing price, which is a big plus for all of the users that want to get a high quality mount for their camera.

This mount is almost perfect for the most users and works awesome for them. The legs have great grip and can hold to the objects pretty tight. One of the cons about them is that they are white and can start looking dirty very soon, but if you are cleaning them properly, they will be shiny as new. We admit that if the mount was made fully black it would be better.

But for the good price, the Sabrent flexible tripod is a great mount with middle class quality, but overall it is worth the money. The design is little odd at first glance, but when you get used to it will be more like funky looking in a good way.

The tripod provides your GoPro camera with all the stability it needs to give you the great footage that you want. Its legs have great grip and can be manipulated by bending every single one of them in the shape you want or need, to put the mount on almost every surface, no matter how uneven it is.

So, overall if you need a stable and good in terms of usage and quality mount, the Sabrent flexible tripod is a great option for you and its price is very tempting.

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