Polar Pro PowerPole Selfie Stick Review

gopro selfie stick
Photo by Frontierofficial / CC BY

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The PowerPole is yet another selfie stick for the GoPro users, made by the manufacturer Polar Pro. It is designed for those, that prefer to use their GoPro for taking selfie shots than their smartphones.

But this is not just a regular selfie stick, because like the name suggests, the PowerPole have a built-in 5200 mAh battery. It is implemented into the grip and is very useful for charging gadgets. With the two USB ports, you can use the battery for recharge or extend the life of your GoPro as much as to 10 hours.

All of the above are some big advantages for the Polar Pro PowerPole but it has some disadvantages also. The main is the price. It is very high for a selfie stick, even with couple of bonuses like the battery and the USB ports.

But if you are in need for a selfie stick and the price isn’t a problem, the PowerPole has much to offer. Next time when you need a helper in the photography, keep close to you the stick. It can even stay in your car trunk to always be in hand or to use it when you have desperate need to charge your devised on the go.

It is a fact that you probably won’t find another selfie stick like this one, giving you so many features and being so useful.

And if someone tries to mock you about spending too much money on the Polar Pro PowerPole, you can always say to him that this is a rightful price for a stick which can offer so much.

So, what are the pros you acquire for your money, except the selfie stick of course. First, you get great grip with it, which let you to do the best shots because your camera is very steady. Next, you have splash-proof covers on the USB ports, with is great for outdoor usage. The battery contains charge which is equivalent to more than four GoPro batteries and you can see the battery charge left by pressing just a single button.

About the cons, the main is the price as we told it already. Other thing is that the extension of the stick is kind of short – only 30 inches. The PowerPole is kind of heave for a selfie stick and has limited color options. And last but not least, the stick is not fully waterproof, despite the fact it is water-resistant.

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