How to make the most out of your GoPro

gopro best
Photo by David_Kerwood / CC BY

Every GoPro user, especially the new ones, wants to get better at using the mini action camera and to have the best videos out on the web. Actually it is not that hard, mostly it is about practice, practice and more practice. Everything comes with some hard work and patience, because let’s face it – you can’t become a GoPro master for a day, right? Here are some tips that will help you to make the most out of your camera.

Learn how your mount acts

It doesn’t matter what kind of mount you are using, you definitely must know everything about it, especially how it acts and moves when you do different stuff. Who wants to have a choppy and unsteady footage in the end? To have the best videos, you have to test the angles that your mount gives you and choose the best one. After that see how it acts when you move to know what you can expect from it when recording. Learning your mount and its behavior is very important if you want to have better quality footage.

Plan what you will shoot

There is nothing wrong or bad to go with it and just shoot everything you are doing, but the video will be better if you plan it and your goal is high quality content. Don’t let your viewers see that you have a lack of ideas and knowledge for using the GoPro. Plan what you want to shoot, how you want to do it, in what order and then – do it. Make some edit points if you want to edit the footage later on the computer and start your adventures.

Practice makes perfect

As we said before, you have to practice a lot if you want to be one of the best. Get familiar with your GoPro camera and your accessories by using them… a lot. If you have difficulties, you can see some online videos of how to use them and how to improve in general or read something on the topic on the web. Learn every nook and cranny of the camera and the accessories, so you can operate with them on the go, even without the need to see them.

Test some different angles and points of view.

Sticking to one angle or point of view in all videos is very boring and soon you will realize it and your viewers too. Experiment is the key here. Test every possible shooting angle and every point of view you can think of, so you would have interesting and even unusual videos.

Combine images and video

Don’t just use your GoPro for recording videos, you can do photos as well, which later you can edit to your video to make it more interesting and different. Learn how to do photos and videos at the same time, may be make some time lapses with implemented images in them, here you don’t have any restrictions, so be creative and you will improve.