How to keep your GoPro safe

gopro hero safe protect
Photo by Steven Harrell / CC BY

The GoPro are one of the best action cameras that were even made and a lot of us are using them. They let us capture all adrenaline pumping actions we love so much and then watch them from home and share the experience with friends and family. The cameras are pretty rugged but after all they are tech and every tech can be broken. So what can we do to protect our beloved device, especially when we are in the middle of some action?

First, it is vital for our GoPro safety to be sure that the camera is mounted securely to the accessory we are using. After that from time to time we should check if the camera is getting loose and tighten it if needed. Also we have to check if the recording angle and view is correct, because it can get aside when we tight the camera to the mount.

It is good idea to get a carrying case for your mini action camera. This will help you to safely move it without worrying about any damages done to it. Just remember to find a rugged and hard case, that secures the camera in place.

Dry the GoPro good after every shooting session. The device is waterproof but still, don’t leave it wet after you finish with it. Just wipe it down with a towel, this way you will prevent buildup and other formings that can damage the camera.

Never put your camera in one bag with wet belongings like towels, clothes and others. This will increase the risk of damage to the GoPro, especially if you’ve been into the ocean, because the salt from the water can be hard even to waterproof devices.

Don’t toss the camera in the dirt or in the sand. It is durable action camera, but don’t push your luck. Sand and dirt can get inside the little device and cause some internal problems to it. If you won’t use the camera, put it in a case and then do whatever you like to it.

Buy some static free wipes to clean the camera lenses. Dirty spots on the lens can occur from time to time and you should be able to clean them, but not with what you have around, but with some high quality static free wet wipes, because they are gentle and won’t leave any scratches on the lens.

Don’t leave your GoPro alone in public, because it is expensive device and a lot of people know it, especially the thieves. Always make sure it is in safe place or just keep a close eye when you are not around it.