GoPro Wrist Housing Review

gopro wrist housing
Photo by Jeff Blackler / CC BY

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The GoPro wrist housing is an excellent accessory for the GoPro users, which are not a quite fan of mounting their action camera on their head (by helmet) or on the chest. Instead, you might think about new perspective and mount your GoPro on your wrist or forearm with this gadget.

The GoPro camera is awesome and can create staggering video footage from any extreme sport and hobby, but if you want to be kind of unique out there, you can shoot from different point of view – from your wrist, not the head or the chest, which provide kind of shaky footage by the way, which can cause motion sickness to the viewers.

Most of the GoPro users don’t even know that the wrist housing exists, but after stumbling upon it they have it for an alternate solution for recording, without any need to wear helmet or chest mounts.

Something that is worth mentioning is one little con, that happened to me and I believe to other users of the wrist housing. When I wore the accessory for the first time, I had a problem spending too much time searching where is the separation of the Velcro. It turned out that the connection point is hidden by the rubber retention ring, which role is to hold the cam in place.

Unfortunately, the GoPro wrist housing doesn’t have an instruction for use, and I mean nothing – not even a simple picture that can help you figure out how to put in on. But the support on the GoPro site can help you if you have any problems or questions, or even their YouTube channel.

It might take you a few minutes to figure out how to mount the camera on the wrist housing as well, but after some practice, you will get used to. The latch of the housing holds the camera good and tight, so you will be sure it is mounted securely.

When wearing the accessory for the first time you might think it is very bulky and weigh too much, but after some time you won’t have these problems. You will see how easy it is to rotate the GoPro camera when it is mounted on your wrist to see the screen and then to shoot again.

From time to time you might feel the wrist housing coming loose, this is because of the Velcro strap and you will have initially to tighten it, but this won’t happen often. This is quality accessory which can help you do what you like the most – recording good videos.

Overall, the wrist housing is a good alternative to the other GoPro housing gadgets, which can be mounted on the head or the chest. Some of the best applications for this accessory are for water sports, but think about getting it even if you do something else.

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