GoPro Suction Cup Mount Review

gopro suction cup
Photo by Maksym Kozlenko / CC BY-SA 4.0

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The suction cup mount by GoPro is a must have for people, which want to securely mount their action camera to flat surfaces and use it to shoot some great footage.

GoPro suction cup mount is great accessory, suitable for every GoPro user. The mount performs at its best when it is mounted on a flat, smooth area, but if you plan to use it on something with a lot of curves or rough surfaces, you might get disappointed.

But if you have the perfect idea for a places where to mount the suction cup, this accessory will become one of your most used, because it will ease you so much. Don’t worry, if you have thoughts about mounting the suction cup on delicate surfaces or parts, because it has button and a handle for pressure relief, helping you remove it without doing any damages. But after all, do it carefully, because you never know what can go wrong.

The GoPro suction cup mount can be mounted even on motorbikes, because the manufacturer says it is stable to speeds up to 150 miles per hour. This is a great thing, because you know that no matter where are you mounting your GoPro and how extreme thing you do, your mini action camera will be safe and sound.

One of the pros of the suction cup mount is that it is very light and has a very slim profile. Other thing is that the mount has its own dedicated GoPro fitting. It is pretty easy to use, put on and take off, and the adjustment is very easy too.

The suction cup mount can be fitted to many different surfaces, as they are flat and smooth, of course. The vibrations are very low and controlled, because the mount absorbs most of them. With it you can get very unique shooting angles which means a very high quality and attractive videos.

Well, there are some cons as well. The hinges of the suction cup mount work on one place, so for readjusting the angle of the camera by rotating it, you must undo the suction and mount it again.

Another kind of drawback is that the suction cup mount feels a bit plasticky and cheap, so you have to be careful. We saw one thing – the mount doesn’t like salty water, because the metal parts in it (yes, there are metal parts, not only plastic) corrode after a couple of uses in salt water. But if you need a pretty easy and quick solution for a suction cup mount, this is the accessory for you.

The GoPro suction cup mount works very decent and will help you produce some really good videos from different angles and mounting points. If you drive a motorcycle, this accessory is a must have, because it mounts very well on the tank of the bike, and you can do some great stuff with it and your GoPro.

From GoPro say that their suction cup has industrial strength and its suction is strong enough to even pull dents from a car doors and panels, so yo might want to keep that in mind! They even say it can stay attached to an airplane, moving with over a 200 miles per hour. Some of these statements are proven by the manufacturer, some are not, but the mount is pretty good accessory and if you need one, don’t hesitate to buy.

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