GoPro Seeker Review


If you are a proud owner of one of the tiny action cameras that GoPro makes, you probably want to know about the accessories that you can get from the manufacturer. If you want to carry around your GoPro, the first thing you will want to buy is a backpack, like the GoPro Seeker.

Actually, the Seeker is a sportpack, which is weather-resistant, as you would expect and is hydration-compatible. It is pretty versatile with 16l design, which provides you with a lot of space for personal stuff and other GoPro accessories.

The GoPro Seeker have built-in mounts for the chest and the shoulders and you can attach your GoPro to the bag, not only carry it inside.

If you need lightweight pack solution for your active life with GoPro, this is the bag for you. The dimensions of the bag are 19×9.5×5 inches and the package include GoPro Seeker, chest mount and a shoulder mount.

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Some of the pros of the GoPro Seeker are it is lightweight and weather-resistant, so you have a lot of protection for your stuff. Speaking of stuff, the bag provides 16 liters of storage to carry whatever you want.

The Seeker is also hydration-compatible, because it has a compartment, that can fit up to two liters in bladder.

The main compartment is versatile for all your personal gear. You have soft compartment, which can handle up to 5 GoPro cameras, multiple batteries and memory cards, while keeping them fully protected, organized and accessible.

If you want to shoot some point-of-view footage, you can use the integrated chest mount. The adjustable mount for the shoulder keeps your GoPro camera close to you, easy to reach if you want to catch something on the go.

Now, it is time for some personal thoughts. The GoPro Seeker backpack is good in terms of the quality, especially when it comes to the competition like Incase, Thule and others. The price of it is not low, but it isn’t so much either.

In my opinion, the materials that GoPro used for making the bag are really high quality and the design is great. The compartments are weather proof which is very good if you want to store things, that aren’t water resistant.
Other cool thing is that you can store up to 2-liter bladder for water, but the bladder is not included, so that’s a con.

Overall, the backpack is great, because you can carry a lot of stuff and GoPro gear. In the dedicated top compartment, you can store up to five GoPro cameras, but let’s be honest – they are so tiny, that even 25 won’t be a problem. In the main compartment you can fit easily a laptop, my Macbook Pro with 13-inch diameter fits with no problem.

The mounts of the Seeker are great also. You can use them to mount the GoPro in many different locations, but the most awesome is the chesty mount, which helps you shoot steady point-of-view videos.

In conclusion, I think that the Seeker is pretty good backpack. It is kind on the expensive side, but is better than the alternatives in that price range. If you think about buying one, my advice is go for it.

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