GoPro Karma Drone Review

gopro karma drone
Photo by dronepicr / CC BY

Capturing a high quality 4k video from above the ground is getting more and more interesting, especially nowadays with the increased popularity of the quad copters. With GoPro Karma drone you can capture incredible high-quality videos with stabilized image all while covering great distance. Which will give you a lot more space to be creative making those videos. Taking amazing footage with crisp details is as easy as it can be and don’t forget the additional accessories allowing for even more versatility.


  • Maximum speed 35mph
  • Maximum distance 9,840ft
  • Maximum flight altitude 14,500ft
  • Wind resistance 22mph
  • Frequency 2.4GHz
  • 20 minutes of flight time
  • 14.8V 5100mAH Li-Po battery

The Karma Drone

First things first …

The Karma drone is compatible with Hero5 Black, Hero 5 Session and with both Hero4 black and Silver. Which means that if you already own one of these cameras you don’t really need to buy anything other than just the drone itself.

The Battery on the Karma drone allows for a smooth fly of about 20 minutes. Which already puts the Karma in a good position compared to the other competitors.

The Karma Drone’s dimnesions are:

  • Lenght: 14.4′
  • Width: 8.8′
  • Height: 3.5′ (folded)

And it does come in a backpack, the Karma Case. Which is small enough to bring it with you on an airplane as a cabin baggage, no need to worry about your drone getting thrown about anymore!


The Karma drone’s main advantage is versatility.

With all its accessories and the ability to take your camera with you it gives you virtually limitless possibilities for filming the action wherever it might be.

Even in windy conditions it proves to be stable and given the 3 axis gimbal provides for a really smooth and steady and shake free footage.

Considering you already have one of the GoPro cameras it could prove to be a bit cheaper on your pocket. In addition to the drone you also get the hand held stabilizer as well.

Featuring a return to home button and a no fly zone options giving priority to the safety when flying your Karma.

Even at greater distance the connection is steady and the signal and video transmission are smooth and clear.


One of the cons I find in the drone is the absence of the collision avoidance system. Which might call for a bit more wariness sometimes.

There is no gps follow-me option, which we see in some drones and is useful sometimes

With 20 mins of flying time the Karma drone is in the middle of the usual range of flight time for this type of drones.