GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount Review

Now you can enjoy a lot better photography by using the GoPro jaws flex mount and clamping your GoPro camera to any object with size from 0.25 to 2 inches. The accessory can be used to attach the camera on the clamp directly for a low-profile mounting or to use the flexing neck for some better camera angles.

This flex clamp mount with jaws is designed to be mounted on different object, even ones with irregular shapes or super slim. This gives the gadget the advantage of multipurpose use. You can take it to record when golfing, being at theme park or doing whatever you like.

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As we said it, the jaws flex clamp surely can be mounted on almost every object, but it has to be thick not more than 2 inches. The clamp has very simple quick release function and gives you very strong hold to the designated object.

The teeth or so called jaws on the clamp give you very nice and solid grip. The arm is very flexible and can be removed easily if you don’t need it and want a low-profile angle.

The mounting of the GoPro camera on the mount is very simple and easy. You just slide it and then slide again to remove it. The flexing part of the mount can be moved in every direction and in any angle, so you can do a lot of different point of view videos. With it you can maneuver the camera however you want and like.

With the GoPro jaws flex clamp mount you can do almost everything and have a 360 degrees’ view, just by rotating the flexing arm. So next time when you want to shoot some high quality footage, think about this mount and get it.

Just remember that it can be mounted on objects with width to 2 inches, so don’t push your luck if you don’t want to lose or damage your camera.

When using the mount just get sure you have a very nice and snug grip and it will hold. Then adjust your shooting angle and go for some action.

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