GoPro HERO3 Silver Edition Review

Many cameras provide high-quality imaging, but most of them are only designed to work well under a narrow range of conditions. If you want your camera to provide great results no matter where you take it, you need a model that is designed to meet your needs. One model that can handle everything from everyday photography to capturing shots in the middle of the action is the GoPro HERO3: Silver Edition, which also happens to be Amazon’s best selling underwater photography camcorder.

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Features of the HERO3 Silver Edition

The average consumer that is only looking to take the occasional photo can probably find a suitable camera at any department store. But if you are looking for a camera that can go to the extreme while still performing well, you need something that is designed to handle the action. These cameras come with features and functions that help to make them versatile, durable and user friendly.

  • Ÿ  Lightweight and small
  • Ÿ  Takes still photos and records video
  • Ÿ  11MP photos
  • Ÿ  Records video in 1080p, 960p and 720p
  • Ÿ  10 photo per second burst
  • Ÿ  Photo timer
  • Ÿ  Wide-angle shots
  • Ÿ  Enhanced audio with noise reduction
  • Ÿ  Shock-resistant and waterproof
  • Ÿ  Wifi Compatible
  • Ÿ  Protune video mode
  • Ÿ  Comes with quick release buckle, J-hook buckle and 3-way pivot arm
  • Ÿ  Assorted mounting hardware included
  • Ÿ  Works with the GoPro app

Pros and Cons of the Hero3 Silver Edition

The GoPro HERO3: Silver Edition is a camera that does more than just provide high-quality optics. Its durable polycarbonate housing makes it one of the most shock-resistant cameras on the market and it can even work well at depths of up to 40 meters. This feature makes it great for going anywhere on land or at sea. It comes with mounting hardware that makes it great for attaching to the individual or a piece of equipment and the Wifi capabilities make it so the operator can control the camera while it is mounted-up. Along with all of that, this camera gets even more versatile when the user downloads the GoPro app for their tablet or smartphone.

If you are looking to make your GoPro even better, give the LCD Touch BacPac a try. This accessory, which was specially designed for the Hero3 and Hero3+, attaches to the back of your camera and gives you added functions and features that would otherwise be unavailable with the unit alone. One of the best added features is that it gives you full touchscreen control of the camera, and it makes frame shots a whole lot easier. If you are considering getting the Hero3 Silver, this little accessory is a nice addition.

Who will like the HERO3 Silver Edition?

This camera is designed with the intention of going where few of its competitors will dare to go. This model will appeal to a variety of sportsmen because it can handle the rigors of mounting up and operating in the middle of the action. Not only is it tough enough to handle the job, but it also provides great results for both video and still photography. With its toughness and versatility, it will appeal to even the most extreme of sportsmen and with its high-quality optics it will also attract serious professional photographers.

Consumers can find many cameras that will work for capturing moments like birthday parties and family reunions. While this camera can outperform the competition at those jobs, it is really designed to do things like mount-up on a surfboard or the helmet of a motocross rider. This camera will not only handle those conditions, but it will also provide some of the best options for video recording and still photography while it is on the job. The GoPro HERO3: Silver Edition is an action camera that is designed to provide great results while being versatile and durable.

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