GoPro HERO Review

gopro hero
Photo by bm.iphone / CC BY

The GoPro Hero high-definition camera, with 1080p30 video and 720p60 video, Ultra-Wide Angle Lens and Integrated Waterproof Housing, delivers high quality and is one of the best GoPro cameras in the world. The GoPro makes it easy to capture the beauty of this world, on travels, hikes, even underwater.


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  • beautiful quality. Records 1080p30 and 720p60 video
  • Captures 5 PM single, time lapse and Burst photos up to 5 fps
  • built-in microphone records audio
  • durable and waterproof to 131 feet (40 m)
  • compatible with all GoPro mounts, 60+ mounts and accessories
  • external memory supports micro SD cards up to 32 GB
  • includes one lithium ion battery
  • dimensions: 9.72” x 4.09” x 4.02”
  • weight: .4 lbs


The GoPro Hero Camera goes anywhere – it’s specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions in any environment. The case is waterproof, so you can take it jet skiing, snorkeling, hiking, or to a concert or sporting event. It will run for 4 hours on high-definition, with a 32 GB memory card. It’s easy to use, so it makes a nice gift for a 12-year old. The video is clear and not shaky, the volume is nice and loud, yet the model is compact, lightweight, and easy to set up. It can be charged with an iPhone charging card. The software allows the user to share videos with friends.


The GoPro Hero Camera is designed for beginners, so unfortunately, it has no Bluetooth capability. It comes with no tripod mount, and no dash cam mode for video looping (although it is compatible with other car cam mounts). It doesn’t support Wi-fi, there’s no LED screen, no zoom, and no viewfinder whatsoever. You can’t see exactly what you’re shooting until you look at the video on your computer.

It does tend to pick up background noise, and it doesn’t perform well in dim light. In addition, the time lapse feature isn’t adjustable: it automatically captures a series of pictures at half-second intervals.

You can’t charge the battery; however, once the battery runs out, you can power the camera from an external power pack or vehicle power plug, with the appropriate adapters.

The GoPro Hero doesn’t do well with high-action, high-impact shots. If it’s hard mounted to something, the video comes out choppy. The vibration response is adequate on a motorcycle or car, but it’s bouncy when used on a skateboard or mountain bike. Worst of all, it may freeze up and be difficult to start again.

Although this is a great action camera, and arguably the original such model, there have been some new technological advances that make the newer GoPro models a bit better. Before making your final decision, you may want to check out the GoPro Hero3: White Edition or the GoPro HERO4 SILVER.


People who are just beginning to make their own videos will love this item. Its wide-angle lens is better than you get on an iPhone. It’s a great little camera for people on a budget who want to capture great pictures from a reputable company. You can even mount it onto your dog!

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