GoPro Helmet Front Mount Review

gopro helmet front mount

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As the name suggest, the GoPro helmet front mount is accessory, which helps you to mount your GoPro action camera on your helmet. It gives you the option to mount the cam on the front or the side of most helmets and the swivel mount assembly helps you to adjust the camera angle very easy.

The helmet front mount is one really versatile helmet-mounting solution for every user, who wants to get some great footage from the helmet point of view with a lot of options for different capture angles and maximum adjustability.

GoPro helmet front mount comes with easy to use integrated mounting buckle. From GoPro advice always to choose and wear a helmet, that meets all applicable safety regulations and standards, especially when using the helmet mount. For best safety, they suggest to ready the whole instruction log for the safe helmet use with their accessory.

From the performance point, the helmet mount is very solid. You can do a lot of extreme stuff without worrying about the camera falling. But it won’t hurt if you use more protection by using the sticky attachment.

The helmet mount comes with one sticky attachment already attached to its base. So to mount the accessory just clean the surface of the helmet, peel off the strip from the sticky attachment and apply it to the helmet.

For later use, you can buy some adhesive strips, which are great for the job. After that you can easily remove and move the helmet mount from one helmet to another and even mount it on other surfaces. Just experiment and see how strong is the connection between the mount and the different surfaces to see where you get the strongest and safest connection. Try applying it to your helmet, your ski, your vehicle and others and see how is it working for you. Just make sure that the surface is clean and dry before that.

Don’t rush and use the mount too soon, give the adhesive some time after it was applied. If you are worried you can always add one more layer of protection by using a tether to hold the camera in place if something happens.

The GoPro helmet mount is an ideal accessory for low-profile positioning of the action camera on the front or the side of the helmet. It is compatible with most GoPro cameras and lets you extend the angle in front of the helmet to do some amazing self-portrait photos and videos.

This little accessory is the perfect one if you want good adjustments for your GoPro camera and overall better control and aiming on every helmet. This piece is great and recommended to anyone, who wants to have some high quality footage from the point of the head.

I primarily used the helmet mount when going to ski and prefer to mount the camera on the front of the helmet, not on the top or the side. If you mount the accessory on the top it will make you a lot taller, which is bad if you are skiing, because in most cases you will have to go under branches or other obstacles or just walking through doors.

About the attaching of the adhesive mount, this one depends on your helmet and its surface, so beware and test if it’s mounted good before start doing whatever you are going to do.

The big pro of the GoPro helmet front mount is the ability to flip it and make the camera point right at your face. This gives you a great camera angle and shows all of your emotions and adventures.

In conclusion, this is another great product by GoPro which deserves every single dollar.

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