GoPro Fetch Dog Harness Review

gopro dog harness
Photo by Robert Tadlock / CC BY

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If you have a dog and you want to record on video some of his great adventures, a GoPro mini action camera and the fetch dog harness is the right combination for you.

The GoPro fetch dog harness is the best official accessory by the manufacturer, which will help you shoot the active life of you fun-loving dog from its perspective. Want to see the world like your dog sees it – use the fetch dog harness.

The accessory has not one, but two padded plates for mounting, which are used with three straps that are adjustable and pretty stretchy, helping for the best and securely mount of your GoPro camera. With the dog harness you can mount the cam on the back or on the chest of your pet, so you can have not one, but two unique points of view.

The harness can fit on dogs from 15 to like 120 pounds and it is water-friendly and washable, which is a great thing, because your dog eventually will take a dive into the water or will roll in a mud puddle.

The harness straps can be attached very easy and quickly, and you have a tether loop for ensuring that the camera will stay in the harness if it takes few hard knocks.

The GoPro harness is pretty lightweight and you can be sure that your pet wouldn’t even notice it. But every dog is individual and when putting the harness on yours for the first couple of times, go slow and easy, may be give your pet a treat.

After mounting the camera on the dog, it might try to get rid of it, but don’t worry, the harness does its job well and there is no risk for your GoPro to fall off. Eventually your pet will accept the new hi-tech toy on its back and get used to it.

Just make sure that every time you put the harness on the dog, that the straps are tightened very well, but not overtightened. Once you secure the harness, you can start with the mounting of the GoPro camera on the desired position – on the back or on the chest of the pet. Then you can adjust the tilt level for best point of view.

So for the pros, the harness performs really well and it is very comfortable for the most dogs. They can move freely and enjoy life without any trouble, and you will have a great footage to show.

One con is that when you mount the camera with the harness on the chest, there is a sliding that prevents the camera to stay positioned and you will have to adjust it from time to time. If your dog has broad chest, not a narrow one, you might avoid this problem without doing anything.

After all this is a harness, so don’t expect miracles from the footage. It will be a lot of shaky, after all it is a dog, but the point of view will be very interesting to be seen. If the dog is sitting, standing or walking with normal pace, the footage will be more steady and good to watch. Videos of your dog playing – not so quite. If you want the best video quality, mount the camera on the back of your dog.

Overall the fetch dog harness by GoPro is really good accessory with high quality. It is not expensive for what you get. It is durable, water-friendly, washable and can be used for a long of time. Mounted on the chest it is not so practical as when mounted on the back, but you can use it on both positions.

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