GoPro Dive Housing Review

gopro dive housing
Photo by TAKA@P.P.R.S / CC BY

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The GoPro Dive Housing is one of the most popular GoPro accessories that is out on the market. Let’s see why is this gadget so wanted and what can it offer to the GoPro camera users, what benefits it has and how it stacks with the original housing of the Hero HD.

The first thing that I saw when unboxed mine GoPro Dive Housing was the high build quality and the good construction. My experience with the GoPro accessories shows that the manufacturer never cut corners with its gear.

This housing is really lightweight, but in the same time gives you the impression that it is really tough. Still, never opened a GoPro product and thought about how flimsy it is. They build their products to last long and give a lot of enjoyment to their owners and this housing is not any different.

When you take the Dive Housing, you will probably want to put the camera inside. This is very easy and even a child can do it. After that you will see how good this housing is. Very crisp and well-focused footage is what you can expect with it under water, thanks to it dome-shaped lens.

The Dive Housing is fully waterproof to around 197 feet or 60 meters of depth and its main purpose is to be used for scuba diving, snorkeling and other underwater adventures that you might want to record.

We tested the housing in two scenarios – in clear water in a pool and in regular salt water in the sea. Firstly, we must say that the GoPro Dive Housing gave flawless performance. You won’t get any issues with the focus or the image sharpness, the image is crystal clear and vibrant.

The housing has great quality from the building department and you can expect stunning improvement in the picture. If you do water sports and like to shoot in and around water, it is a must have to invest in the Dive Housing.

If you look for an affordable solution for your underwater recording, one GoPro with this housing is a great option. The housing is one amazing product which gives perfect image quality and sharp focus.

Just one advice, if you decide to use the housing, you should put some Rain-X or other like it to get a much smoother transition from underwater to above it.

The Dive Housing doesn’t leak after a couple of dive tests from 25 to 80 feet depth which are great results as we expected.

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