GoPro Camera Chest Harness and Mount Review

gopro chesty mount
Photo by Gordon Tarpley / CC BY


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The GoPro Chest harness is an accessory that makes really easy capturing immersive videos and photos from, you guessed it, your chest. This is the perfect chest harness for people, who love skiing, paddle sports, mountain biking, motorsports and any other activities that are more engaging and you will want to have a lower view of action.

With the GoPro Chest harness you will have the chance to capture footage from another, unusual point of view, which is lower than the head and will catch your arms, knees and other attributes while doing what you love. The chest mount is fully adjustable and can fit in a wide range of sizes, but for adults only. If you want a chest harness for a kid, you should think about buying the GoPro Junior Chest Harness, which is designed specially for youngsters.

The chest mounts  are really stable and comfortable, so the harness can be used in different occasions and in a variety of extreme and not so extreme sports and activities. The manufacturer GoPro says that the video footage taken from the lower point of view, like in this case is the chest, is more immersive and better than the footage made by higher point of view (from the head).

The GoPro Chest harness is also a great way to capture video which shows what are you doing with your hands. Because the chest harness is adjustable it can fit on anybody, no matter from the size or the gender. It can be used even on a bulky equipment and thick layer of clothes, jackets and vests.

Some of the pros of the chest harness are that the harness works great with all models of the GoPro cameras, it fits on both genders and almost every size and can be used over thick jackets.

But there are also some cons with it. The chest mount might not fit good on people with larger frames. People that don’t want to do low angle shots might dislike the chest harness. One con from the point of the video quality is that with the chest harness, your GoPro can pick up some more wind noises. And last, but not least – when using the Chesty, you will have to turn your whole body to change the shooting angle.

But if you want to make the capturing process something new and unseen, the GoPro chest harness is the right accessory for you. It will let you to do a new adventures and have a lots of fun, without worry for anything, because your camera is mounted good and safely.

Using the chest harness you can capture moments from different point of view and more angles. The chest harness is very comfortable to wear and it is made with really high quality materials. The straps are adjustable and one mount can be used by multiple people.

The buckle of the chest harness is J-shaped, but if you don’t like it, you can use other kinds of buckles.
Just keep in mind that with this chest harness you can’t capture nothing from your side and behind, to do that, you must turn around with your whole body. This is not an issue with head mount.

The set includes one adjustable chest harness and one vertical surface buckle.

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