GoPro Anti-Fog Camera Lens Inserts Review

lens condensation
Photo by Smiley.toerist / CC BY-SA 4.0

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At some point you probably took your GoPro camera in the water to make some footage, but you might have noticed that the lens is fogging up. This is kind of a bummer and can ruin most of your shots and the worst thing is that you will see that after you go back home and try to watch the footage you took.

The lens is fogging because there is condensation, which is caused by the temperature difference between the outside and the inside of the GoPro case. In most cases this happens when you are in a cold environment, like in the water or outside in the winter.

But GoPro found a solution for the fogging lens problem and it is the anti-fog camera lens inserts, which are doing a great job. These inserts go around the side of the GoPro camera, right in between your case and the cam.

So, if you want to have some great footage next time when you are about to shoot around or in the water or in cold environments, think about buying the GoPro anti-fog camera lens inserts. They are pretty easy to use, just slide them on the sides of the camera housing and the humid won’t be a problem anymore.

You can use one insert for about four times, but for them to last so long, you have to dry them good after every use. This can be done by heating them good on a pan in oven on around 300 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes. After the drying, store them in an airtight bag.

My personal recommendation when using the GoPro anti-fog inserts is to take at least a couple, especially if you use waterproof case. Use not only one insert, because there is a lot of air trapped between the case and the camera, so this means a lot of moisture when there is a big difference in the inside and outside air. So for better fog protection, use at least two inserts.

But if you ask yourself are the inserts really working, the answer is yes. They can be a kind of pricy, but it is money well spent. When I use my GoPro camera in or around the water or in humid environments there is no fog and I can be sure that my footage is crystal clear.

I recommend the anti-fog inserts especially if you go underwater, they are must have for these cases. I am using them every time when I dive, and never had a problem with condensation.

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