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GoPro Camera Tethers Review

The GoPro adhesive anchors and camera tethers are great accessory which helps you to secure even further your GoPro when you want to shoot in extreme conditions.

You can use the tethers attaching them to the camera backdoor housing. The adhesive anchors you can attach to the gear you use.

Features of the Camera Tethers from GoPro

One set of the GoPro camera tethers contain five adhesive mounts and five tether straps. The big plus here is that the set is compatible with absolutely all GoPro cameras.

So if you have a GoPro which often happens to fall from where are you putting it, you can use the camera tethers to mount it good and securely. You can use the set together with other GoPro accessories like the suction cup mount and others. For best footage, these are a must have.

What is the GoPro Camera Tethers good for?

You can use the camera tethers to secure additionally your GoPro to your bike or in your car. They provide rock solid mounting and extra peace of mind in case something goes wrong.

You need these tethers to secure your investment and be sure that you will make the best and high quality videos.

The GoPro camera tethers and the adhesive mounts provides an extra security, especially when using your action camera in extreme conditions.

Using the set is very simple – just attach the adhesive mount to the desired gear and then secure the GoPro with the tethers to the camera backdoor housing. Afterwards, if your camera become loose, it will be safe and remain attached to you and your gear.

After you are done with the tethers and the anchors, you can remove the adhesive mount by heating it with something like hair dryer, hot air gun or something else. Then, just peel it off and clean the surface.

Remember, that the set contains only five pieces of each – tethers and adhesive anchors, so you will have to buy another one after some time. It depends on how often you shoot with your GoPro and use the tethers and the mounts.

But better spend some extra money in the name of the cameras safety and high quality videos, then having a bad footage and a broken GoPro. If you are recording often in extreme conditions the tethers and the adhesive anchors are must have.