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GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod Review

The GoPro 3-way grip arm tripod or in short GoPro’s 3-way mount is on the market from a while and now we can say something about it. First, it seemed like a too hyped and overpriced selfie stick, and most of the GoPro users were pretty sceptic about it. But after all, some of us – the users, gave a shot to the tripod, and we were really surprised in the good way by its versatility.

Features of the 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod from GoPro

Like the name of the 3-way mount suggests, there are three main things around it – a grip for the cameraan extension arm for better shots and a tripod of course. The tripod is very durable, despite the fact that it’s made with plastic materials, which are helping for the lightweight.


The arm of the GoPro’s 3-way mount can be extended to 20 inches from the base and the pleasant thing is that it stays cool and rigid, even when the GoPro is attached to its end.

The grip has a built-in pinch protector, which is a very thoughtful feature to add by GoPro.

The setting of the 3-way tripod is simple and easy, as is the collapsing. The storage size of the mount is pretty good – 7.5 inches, so you can take it in your backpack and still have a lots of space for your other GoPro accessories and other stuff.

The 3-way tripod can become a shorter camera grip if you want it to. For the job you will just have to unscrew the folding arm and after that mount the GoPro on its place. The grip mode is very enjoyable for its simplicity – you just grip the handle, point the camera and shoot whatever you like. This is some underrated feature in this new era of micro technology, where users must use their fingertips to awkwardly navigate and shoot with their tiny camera.

Another great feature of the 3-way mount is the tripod, which can be found inside the grip. To use it, just unscrew the plug under the grip and remove the tripod legs, then you can screw them back in. The legs of the tripod give good support to the grip, but if you mount the folding arm and extend it at maximum, you will see that the legs get very tippy, so you will have to center the GoPro camera to avoid falling.


Speaking of little cons of the mount, you shouldn’t expect it to stay up in the wind, when you put it at full height or walking through a bumpy terrain. In these cases, you better fix the camera to a good, actual tripod, not this one.

However, the 3-way mount is great to be used in grip mode and its form factor is awesome too. If you love to shoot extreme sports, you might notice that the 3-way mount have limited options for mounting, but it might be fixed with a wrist strap, which you can buy separately.

The rig has lack of carabiner-type clasp so it can’t be attached to belts or harnesses.

So the 3-way mount is not recommended for a time lapses, because the tripod isn’t that stable, but it is perfect for shooting action close-ups and for selfies.

Essentially this is a selfie stick. As a tripod it is not the most sturdy one especially if there is any winds but overall it is incredibly versatile and adjustable.