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Best micro SD Cards for GoPro. Memory cards for GoPro.

All of the GoPro mini action cameras work with the tiniest memory cards there is on the market – microSD. Don’t forget to get your memory card when you are buying yourself a new GoPro camera because they do not come with memory cards.  In most cases, all of the GoPro cameras can work with almost every microSD card you can find, but like in every case, there are some thing you should be aware and watch for when choosing a memory card for your camera.

First of all, not every microSD card gives you best value for your money, but this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money for one of the best cards on the market. One good quality card is enough for you to enjoy a lot of recording time with your GoPro.

Here is the time to mention that some GoPro cameras work with microSD cards up to a 64GB capacity, but most recent models can be fitted with a 1TB card without any problem. Remember though, that the cards must be Class 10, which shows its minimum speed rating (writing and reading speed). The Class 10 is with the fastest speed and is what is usually recommended for optimal results while using your GoPro.

So, if you want to buy your first memory card, or you need a backup one to have the opportunity to record for a longer time, you probably want a microSD that combines good value, speed and reliability and we are going to give you plenty of options to choose from. Keep in mind that they are for 64GB cards, because of the limitation that some GoPro cameras have, but most of cards, if not all, have a bigger version with 1TB capacity.

Best micro SD Cards for GoPro

SanDisk Extreme

Like the name suggests, the card is extremely fast, even faster than the GoPro needs, but it is one excellent product for the value. Also it comes with a SD adapter, so you can use it with other gadgets too if you need to.

SanDisk Ultra

This is one of the more subtle memory cards from the most popular and bestselling line of SanDisk. It speed is not that great like with the SanDisk Extreme, but is very decent and enough for the GoPro needs. Just watch for the new SanDisk brand changes for which there are now two versions of the Ultra on the market. You need the new one which is with red and gray, so don’t buy the older which is entirely gray, actually even dark gray. The new and better SanDisk Ultra even comes with a SD adapter, and the old ones doesn’t.

Lexar 300x

Well, what can we say about Lexar. One of the biggest players on the memory card market, that is popular with its high quality products. The 300X is one of them and the card is fast enough to meet every speed requirement of the GoPro cameras. Fast and cheap – great choice and bang for the buck. It even comes with an USB adapter, great, huh?

Samsung EVO

The EVO series are Samsung’s middle class memory cards and it is enough for what you will need for your GoPro mini action camera. It will be totally useless if you target the high class products, because your camera will work great with this one. The EVO comes with a SD adapter.


Kingston is not a big player on the memory card market like SanDisk or Lexar, but the company is making some really good products. Their microSD cards are great, with Class 10 speed rating and high capacity, making them pretty good choice for GoPro cameras. They are really cheap and you can’t go wrong with them. The Kingston microSD cards come with a SD adapter.


This company, like Kingston, often is beneath the buyers’ radar, but makes some good in terms of quality and price memory cards. Their middle class products meet the requirements for speed of the GoPro cameras and can be bought for really cheap. They come with a SD adapter as well.

And for final, let us give you some tips if you are new in the whole GoPro and memory cards thing. It is always kind of good idea to format your cards from time to time, but do it in the camera, not on your computer. Also keep in mind that like every electronic device, the memory cards fail sometimes without any symptom, so always have a backup pieces and test them before recording.