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All of the GoPro mini action cameras work with the tiniest memory cards there is on the market – microSD. Don’t forget to get your memory card when you are buying yourself a new GoPro camera because they do not come with memory cards.  In most cases, all of the GoPro cameras can work with almost every microSD card you can find, but like in every case, there are some thing you should be aware and watch for when choosing a memory card for your camera.

Cameras have come a long way in the digital age. You can now get models that have tons of great features and the ability to do things that traditional models would have never been able to achieve. For toughness and the ability to perform in extreme environments, there are few names that can compete with GoPro. These cameras are designed for operation in the action and they are compatible with tons of great accessories that can improve the experience and make the camera more versatile. If you are looking to make your GoPro more versatile and easier to use, one of the best accessories to get is the GoPro Smart Remote.

GoPro cameras are some of the best available on the current market. These cameras provide the consumer with devices that not only capture videos and still photos in stunning clarity, but they also come designed to handle some of the most extreme conditions. The various GoPro lines of cameras come out of the box with great versatility, but the abilities of these devices can be expanded when you purchase some of the compatible product accessories. One of the most popular accessories that they offer is the GoPro LCD Touch BacPac Limited Edition.

The GoPro Headstrap Mount and Quick Clip is a wonderful accessory to go with your GoPro camera. It’s fully adjustable to fit all sizes, and can also be mounted onto a helmet, to capture POV footage from a perspective similar to a headlamp. It’s great for action shots while you partake in your favorite sports.

This handy device from GoPro has a buoyant hand grip which offers stability and control to a GoPro camera. The Handler makes it a snap to aim the camera and frame shots. It’s compatible with any GoPro camera and it floats, so you can take pictures underwater, as well as in the mountains.

Capturing a high quality 4k video from above the ground is getting more and more interesting, especially nowadays with the increased popularity of the quad copters. With GoPro Karma drone you can capture incredible high-quality videos with stabilized image all while covering great distance. Which will give you a lot more space to be creative making those videos. Taking amazing footage with crisp details is as easy as it can be and don’t forget the additional accessories allowing for even more versatility.

The GoPro adhesive anchors and camera tethers are great accessory which helps you to secure even further your GoPro when you want to shoot in extreme conditions. You can use the tethers attaching them to the camera backdoor housing. The adhesive anchors you can attach to the gear you use.

The GoPro 3-way grip arm tripod or in short GoPro’s 3-way mount is on the market from a while and now we can say something about it. First, it seemed like a too hyped and overpriced selfie stick, and most of the GoPro users were pretty sceptic about it. But after all, some of us – the users, gave a shot to the tripod, and we were really surprised in the good way by its versatility.