FloatPro – Floating Wrist Strap for GoPro Review

gopro camera float
Photo by Gui Seiz / CC BY

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Wrist straps like the FloatPro are very good and have a special feature that gives the users much ease. Initially it can save your GoPro camera from sinking in water and because it is waterproof, the water can’t penetrate into the camera.

This strap is great, because like the name suggests, it can’t sink and float on the water, so you don’t have to worry about losing your GoPro. The length of the wrist strap is pretty long so you can use your camera without any problems.

And the other good thing about the FloatPro is that it is waterproof and so you can use it for any water related activity like diving, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, rafting and others.

The wrist strap comes with one-year warranty and has a very good price. The quality is very good too. It is not too loose or tight, so won’t give you any problems.

When using the strap, it has a very vibrant and bright color, so you can see it very easy and clear in water.

If you like water activities and love to record them, the FloatPro wrist strap is great accessory which can save you camera from sinking and losing it. This is one of the highest quality straps on the market. It is not bulky and fit all size of wrists. It dries quickly and the material that is made is very high quality.

This is an essential accessory for your expensive GoPro camera, that will surely protect your investment and precious footage.

So next time when you think about doing some water activities and want to secure the GoPro camera, don’t hesitate and think about getting FloatPro – the best floating wrist strap there is on the market.

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