Best GoPro Accessories Kits for 2016 Review

gopro kit accessory
Photo by Sébastien Launay / CC BY

In the same right moment when you buy your GoPro action camera you will realize that you need a lot of accessories, because with the bare cam there is only so much you can do. Every single accessory increases the GoPro functionality, but buying them one by one isn’t very cost effective, so it is better to get a whole accessory kit. But how to choose the right one, you might ask. It is true that there are a lot of GoPro accessories kits on the market, and some of them are really good. These are what we consider to be one of the best accessory kits out there.



It is not a coincidence that we mention this accessory kit first. This is the most amazing one available on the market at this point. The manufacturer is Baxia Technology and it has 44 accessories in it to use your GoPro in any conditions, at anytime and anywhere. Each single accessory is made very durable and pretty lightweight, and the kit comes in shockproof case for carrying.

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EEEKit 8-in-1 Accessories Kit for GoPro

This kit comes at great price and have eight accessories in it, mostly in the mounts and clamp type. Almost every user gave a positive rating for this kit after using it and this is not random, because it is very well made. The accessories are great and one of the most used by GoPro users to make the mini action camera more powerful and useful. Each one of them is very lightweight and sturdy.

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Black Pro 13-in-1 Basic Common Outdoor Sports Kit for All GoPro

The kit is manufactured by Black Pro and impresses with high build quality. It contains 13 accessories in total and every one of them can come in handy when using your GoPro camera. All of the accessories are solid, lightweight and with beautiful design. This is one of the bestselling GoPro accessory kits out there so don’t miss it.

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Zookki Gopro Accessory Kits Accessories Bundles for Gopro Hero Camera

This kit offers to the users some premium quality accessories, which are totally lightweight and robust. It contains 37 accessories which can be used in numerous situations and won’t let you down. The kit practically have everything that one regular GoPro user might need when recording.

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EEEKit 12-in-1 Essential Kit for GoPro

Another kit from EEEKit, which this time contains 12 accessories in it. We won’t lie to you, this is one of the most amazing kits there are on the market. Every single accessory is built well with high quality materials and is very durable and light. If you want your GoPro to be more powerful than ever, this is the right kit for you.

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Every single accessory kit we introduced to you here is good for your GoPro camera. You will have to choose based on what you want and need and of course, based on your budget. With one of these kits, you will have more creative look on how to record your videos, so don’t miss them.