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Every single GoPro user have the need for a tripod at some point and start a searching for the best one for its needs. Versatile ones as the Sabrent’s Flexible Tripod are preferred in these cases and we will tell you why in this review. The Sabrent Flexible Tripod, as the name suggest, is a […]

GoPro released a handlebar seatpost mount called GoPro Ride Hero, which can be clamped to any bar, no matter if it is square, round or otherwise. It just has to be from 0.75 to 1.4 inches – something really standard and common for most bicycles and motorcycles. But don’t worry, if you have a larger […]

Now you can enjoy a lot better photography by using the GoPro jaws flex mount and clamping your GoPro camera to any object with size from 0.25 to 2 inches. The accessory can be used to attach the camera on the clamp directly for a low-profile mounting or to use the flexing neck for some […]

The GoPro 3-way grip arm tripod or in short GoPro’s 3-way mount is on the market from a while and now we can say something about it. First, it seemed like a too hyped and overpriced selfie stick, and most of the GoPro users were pretty sceptic about it. But after all, some of us […]

In the same right moment when you buy your GoPro action camera you will realize that you need a lot of accessories, because with the bare cam there is only so much you can do. Every single accessory increases the GoPro functionality, but buying them one by one isn’t very cost effective, so it is […]

  The GoPro Chest harness is an accessory that makes really easy capturing immersive videos and photos from, you guessed it, your chest. This is the perfect chest harness for people, who love skiing, paddle sports, mountain biking, motorsports and any other activities that are more engaging and you will want to have a lower […]