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The Hero 5 Session is the newest mini action camera from GoPro. It is really small as usual and cube-shaped, capable to shoot very stable and high-quality 4K video and capturing photographs and wide angle shots. As the GoPro users might suspect, the Hero 5 Session is the cheaper and scrappy alternative to the Hero […]

As every hobby, the photography and the video or movie making gets even more expensive when you decide to bring the quality on a whole new, higher level. So if you want to be a professional, it will be pretty expensive. But what happens if you want to be there, but your budget doesn’t allow […]

If you want a camera that gives you not great but excellent image and sound quality and have superb apps, the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition is the right choice. Want to learn more? Stay with us through this review. The GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition was released some time ago and now on the […]

Every GoPro user, especially the new ones, wants to get better at using the mini action camera and to have the best videos out on the web. Actually it is not that hard, mostly it is about practice, practice and more practice. Everything comes with some hard work and patience, because let’s face it – […]

The GoPro are one of the best action cameras that were even made and a lot of us are using them. They let us capture all adrenaline pumping actions we love so much and then watch them from home and share the experience with friends and family. The cameras are pretty rugged but after all […]

If you have a dog and you want to record on video some of his great adventures, a GoPro mini action camera and the fetch dog harness is the right combination for you. The GoPro fetch dog harness is the best official accessory by the manufacturer, which will help you shoot the active life of […]

The GoPro’s are amazing little action cameras, that can be used for a lot of things – time lapses, extreme and incredible videos with high resolution and even shooting underwater, because they are completely waterproof. Overall they are everything that every fan of the video shooting can want. One really bad thing about the cameras […]

People keep doing incredible things with GoPro cameras these days. From swimming with sharks to jumping out of airplanes, there is no limit to the experiences you can share with these cameras. Professional stunt man Ethan Swanson recently gave us a look into his life and his experience jumping off of a roof. He is […]

Capturing photos and videos can be a great way to share a wide-range of experiences. A good GoPro camera will allow the user to preserve and share these moments in stunning clarity while also being easy to operate. Some cameras are even designed to work well under even the most extreme conditions. These models can […]

Many cameras provide high-quality imaging, but most of them are only designed to work well under a narrow range of conditions. If you want your camera to provide great results no matter where you take it, you need a model that is designed to meet your needs. One model that can handle everything from everyday […]