Polar Pro Red Filter (For GoPro 60M Dive Housing) Review

gopro underwater
Photo by Robert Tadlock / CC BY

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Polar Pro is a company that makes different filters and has some for the GoPro cameras. One of the is the Red Dive Filter, which is designed for the GoPro Dive Housing and ensures that the camera will have a proper white balance in the blue water.

The Red Dive Filter is made by polycarbonate and it is recommended to be used for depths from 10 to 80 feet with the Dive Housing for the GoPro.

The filter is made into a nice slim frame, which snaps on and off the port for the lens on the GoPro Dive Housing. It comes with a tether cord to prevent losing it in the deep water and a microfiber pouch that is scratch-resistant, to store the filter in it.

If you are GoPro user that loves the water, no matter if it’s under or above it, this filter is great option for you. The Red Filter from Polar Pro can help you achieve high quality footage when capturing with your camera, especially if you are underwater, because have great color correction for the deep blue water color. It can be used to correct the color to 85 feet depth.

This filter is a great solution for those, who shoot often underwater. The easy snap on design of the filter is great for quick mounting and removal from the Dive Housing. So if the scuba diving is your thing, don’t hesitate to try it.

If you still think why you need the Polar Pro Red Filter for your GoPro, let us explain shortly. The white balance of the camera is the brain, that is controlling the colors. While recording underwater in depth, there is no presence of the orange or red lights, which are part of the white and this fools your camera and your videos seem a lot blue or green. So the red filter is giving the camera the needed red, so your footage will have normal colors.

We tested the filter and it does its job very well and totally deserves the 30 dollars. It makes a big difference when you shoot with and without it. When it is mounted, the colors are far more vibrant and good.

The Polar Pro Red Filter snaps easily on and off the Dive Housing, which is one big plus. It is most effective on depths from 12 to 70 feet, so if you want to shoot below 70 feet, don’t expect a lot from it or get an external water-resistant source of light. For shallow depths below 10 feet the filter isn’t too good, because the footage is pretty red, so when shooting in shallow water, don’t use the filter.

The disadvantage of the filter comes when you try to shoot something towards the sun, because the white balance is shifting and the video turns red, so don’t to this and remove the filter when you see that the picture is too red.

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