GoPro HD Hero 960 Review

GoPro HD Hero
Photo by Gordon Tarpley / CC BY

With a good camera, you can capture vivid images and record videos that look great. If your intent is to get shots and video from inside the action, then you need a camera that can stand up to the task. When it comes to action cams, there are few brands that can even come close to what GoPro has to offer. For a nice entry-level action cam that performs well, you might want to look into getting the GoPro HERO HD 960.

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Features of the HERO HD 960 from GoPro

Finding the right GoPro camera will often depend upon the type of photography that you wish to engage in. If your needs include the ability to mount up and go into the toughest environments, then an action cam is the right way to go. To make sure that you are getting the right camera for these purposes, it is important to know the features and specs of the different models that are available.

  • Tough action camera
  • Shock resistant
  • Waterproof to beyond 180 feet
  • Records video at 720p and 960p
  • 5 MP photos
  • Quick release marine case
  • Noise reduction for audio
  • Wide angle photos
  • Time lapse photography
  • 3 photo burst feature
  • Timer
  • Comes with quick release buckle
  • Basic mounts and hardware included

Pros and Cons

The GoPro HERO HD 960 is a nice camera that is well designed for operating under harsh circumstances. This model is very easy to use and it does not take a long time to master all of the different features. You can switch from recording video to taking photos with ease and the different settings and functions are easy to manage. The video recording quality is pretty good with a max resolution of 960p and the images come through clearly and the motion is very smooth. For photos, you have 5 MP capture capabilities and you have options to take shots in wide angle or you can use functions like the time lapse or the three-photo burst. This set also comes with all of the basic mounts to get you started and it is compatible with a wide assortment of GoPro accessories, so it can be good for a range of different purposes.

If you want to check out some other great GoPro cameras before making your decision, have a look at the GoPro Hero3: White Edition or the very popular GoPro HERO4 SILVER.

Who will like the HERO HD 960 from GoPro?

This is a nice action camera that is good for wearing or mounting on an object. You certainly could find models that have better video resolution or imaging capabilities, but this one does offer pretty solid performance and it is aimed more toward consumers that are looking to get their first GoPro. With the housing, this model can go far beneath the surface of the water, so it could be the ideal camera for people that are interested in underwater photography.

As a starter camera for people that want to start taking action photos, this GoPro is a good purchase. Some of the more expensive models do have some better features and better imaging capabilities, but this one will definitely suit the needs of a beginner. The GoPro HERO HD 960 is easy to use, versatile and durable, so it is a good value and a nice entry-level model.

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