GoPro Camera CHDOH-002 HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition

gopro hero2 outdoor edition
Photo by 陳 好酸 / CC BY

Capturing photos and videos can be a great way to share a wide-range of experiences. A good GoPro camera will allow the user to preserve and share these moments in stunning clarity while also being easy to operate. Some cameras are even designed to work well under even the most extreme conditions. These models can be good for capturing sporting events and they can even go along with the sportsman while they are competing. One model that is designed to go anywhere from underwater to on the trail is the GoPro HERO2 Outdoor Edition camera.

gopro hero2 outdoor edition
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Features of the HERO2 Outdoor Edition

Most cameras are only designed to handle everyday conditions. But if you need a camera that goes beyond the norm, it is important to look into the features and technical specs to make sure that it can handle the job. Factors like the durability, versatility and the added functions will make a significant difference in regard to the places that the camera can go.

  • Ÿ  Professional glass lens for improved imaging
  • Ÿ  Takes both still photos and video
  • Ÿ  Photo resolutions of up to 11MP
  • Ÿ  Captures video in 1080p, 960p and 720p
  • Ÿ  10 shot per second burst
  • Ÿ  Time-lapse photography
  • Ÿ  Photo timer
  • Ÿ  Wifi compatible
  • Ÿ  Audio recording with noise reduction
  • Ÿ  Compatible with SD cards up to 32GB
  • Ÿ  LCD interface
  • Ÿ  Wide-angle shooting
  • Ÿ  Housing designed to be shockproof and waterproof
  • Ÿ  Comes with vented helmet strap, head strap, 3-way pivot arm and mounting hardware

Pros and Cons of the GoPro HERO2 Outdoor Edition

If you are looking for a camera that can perform well under extreme conditions, the GoPro HERO2 camera is a good purchase. This model is designed to take a beating and keep working and the waterproof housing can be taken to depths of up to 60 meters. With a professional style lens, this model boasts improved optics and it comes with a variety of photo and video options that make it highly-versatile. The included mounting hardware can make it great for going anywhere and the Wifi capabilities provide the user with the ability to set it up and take photos from a remote location.

If you are looking for a great accessory to take with you on your outdoor conquests, the GoPro Limited Edition LCD Touch BacPac goes great with this camera. It allows you to control the functions of the camera without actually touching it.

Who will like the HERO2 Outdoor Edition?

This is a camera that the user can take right into the thick of the action, but its versatile design also makes it good for a variety of other users. It has high-quality optics and it captures sounds with clarity and little distortion. The long list of features and functions make it a good model for everything from capturing scenery to mounting it up to go along for the ride. The durable housing and waterproof features make it one of the best cameras for the use of sportsmen.

This model is not your run of the mill family camera. With its superior optics and well-designed features, this model outperforms most of the competition. This camera is shock-resistant, waterproof and it is made to go wherever the user needs to take it. The GoPro HERO2 Outdoor camera is a device that can take pictures and videos under even the toughest conditions.

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