For those that love action photography, there is no piece of gear that is going to compare to a good GoPro camera. GoPro is the leader in making cameras for this market and they offer a range of products to suit the needs of different individuals. The following is a list of the best GoPro cameras and a short look at each model. This list does not run from top to bottom starting with the absolute best model, but rather it also accounts for factors like price and the overall consumer response to the unit.

best gopro camera

Top 10 GoPro Cameras for 2017

1) GoPro Hero4 Silver

gopro hero4 silver edition

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This model was a huge leap forward from the previous GoPro cameras. The GoPro Hero 4 Silver was the first edition to have a built-in touchscreen display and it comes with a whole host of features and functions to expand the versatility of this model and to make it more user friendly. It can shoot videos in 1080p or 720p, take 12MP photos and it offers dynamic sound capture for an improved audio experience. You get time-lapse photography, burst, ultra wide-angle shots and new settings for taking photos in low light. In addition to that, this model comes equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and it also works with the GoPro app for your phone.


2) GoPro Hero5 Black

gopro hero 5 black edition
Photo by Paintimpact / CC BY

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The latest addition to the GoPro family, the new GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition offers amazing video quality that will leave you astonished with its higher sensor resolution and great color and brightness quality. The 4k videos and the ability to shoot RAW photos are not to be underestimated too! With its 3 built-in mics you will enjoy some of the finest audio recordings. Don’t forget the video stabilization although it is not optical it does its job pretty well so that you can enjoy smooth videos! The touch screen is something to be noted because it allows for a better control and use of your camera and it is user friendly.


3) GoPro Hero4 Black

gopro hero4 black
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If you are looking for the GoPro that offers the best overall performance with no consideration for price or anything else, then this is probably the model that you want. The GoPro Hero4 Black has 2x faster processing speed than any of the previous models and it captures videos and images that are far superior to any of its predecessors. You can record videos n 4K, which means 4x the resolution of 1080p and in the 1080p recording, this model records twice as many frames per second than Hero4 Silver. You get 12MP photography, a range of features and options for when you shoot and it even offers a greater degree of manual control than many of the previous models. It also has the features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with the GoPro app. As of this writing, this is the ultimate action camera.


4) GoPro Hero

gopro hero
Photo by bm.iphone / CC BY

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This is the standard GoPro Hero camera and it makes for a great entry-level model. You may not get many of the top features that the newer more expensive GoPro models have, but this one still performs well and it still has a lot to offer at a significantly lower price. You can still record HD video and the camera takes 5MP shots for a good level of detail and clarity. Most important of all, this model can still mount-up and go anywhere you need it to and it is tough enough to handle just about anything. As mentioned above, from a technical standpoint, this is not the best GoPro out there, but when you consider the price with the level of performance, it makes for a fantastic value.

5) Hero4 Session


gopro hero4 session
Photo by fixedandfrailing / CC BY

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 If you want the smallest and lightest GoPro, then this is the way to go. The Hero4 Session is half the size of the other Hero4 models and it performs almost just as well. With this model, you do have to sacrifice some functionality to the lightweight compact design, but it still has many of the features that make GoPro so popular. You can still capture video in 1080p and get your 8MP photos. In addition to that, this model also has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GroPro app compatibility. It is only waterproof to about a third of the depth that a standard GoPro is, but it is every bit as tough and the small size makes it much more wearable for use in the middle of the action.


6) Hero3+ Black


gopro hero3+ black edition
Photo by Kouki Kuriyama / CC BY-ND

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A few years ago, this probably would have been considered the best GoPro camera that you could get. While it may not be as good as the new series 4 cameras, this model still delivers great performance and you are certainly getting more for your money than you would with many other brands. You still get video recording at 1080p and beyond, stunning 12MP photos and many of the features and functions that GoPro has built its reputation on. If you are looking for a really solid action camera, but you do not want spend the money on one of the new series 4 models, then the GoPro Hero3+ Black can be a really good purchase.


7) Hero3 White Edition

gopro hero3 white edition
Photo by Jnzl’s Photos / CC

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This is another good past edition of the GoPro Hero camera. The GoPro Hero3 White Edition is a nice rugged camera that can handle tough situations. In addition to that, you get the Wi-Fi compatibility, access to the GoPro app and it works with many of the most popular accessories. In overall performance, it probably does not do quite as good as the other 3 series models, but this one does offer a good action camera experience at a lower price.


8) Hero3+ Silver

gopro hero3+ silver edition

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The GoPro Hero3+ Silver is great action camera and it can be a good solution for those who cannot afford a 4 series model. While this one does offer faster image processing than the standard Hero, the Silver 4 is faster and this model does not come with the built-in LCD like the 4 series Silver. You still get 1080p video recording and 10MP photos with features like lowlight shooting, burst and time-lapse. In addition to that, this model does work with Wi-Fi and the GoPro app. You still get the expected toughness and good performance under tough conditions, so the Hero3+ Silver can be a great bargain.


9) Hero3 Black


gopro hero3 black edition
Photo by superidoljp / CC BY

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The GoPro Hero3 Black is a nice action cam that has a range of good features and functions. You get 1080p and 4k recording, it has a 12MP sensor for photos and it comes with many of the versatile functions and user friendly features that you expect from GoPro. It is light and easy to take into the action and it comes with the waterproof case for underwater photography. It certainly isn’t the best GoPro out there, but it is a nice middle of the range model.


10) Hero3 Silver


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In regard to performance, the GoPro HERO3 Silver Edition is somewhere between the 3 series White and the 3 series Black. You can still capture video on 1080p HD and it has a 10MP sensor for taking great photos. This model can perform well under a range of different conditions and it works with many of the most important accessories that GoPro sells. The user also gets Wi-Fi compatibility, access to the GoPro app and audio that is comparable to any of the other series 3 models.


Best GoPro Action Cameras


best action camera

When it comes to taking pictures, there are all types of photographers. Since there are different types of photographers, it makes sense that there are different types of cameras and gear to fit the needs of these different individuals. One group that has the need for special equipment is people that engage in action photography. They need cameras that are tough and versatile, while also being good for getting shots under extreme conditions. These cameras need to be able to mount on individuals and objects to get photos that are right in the middle of the action. That is why we have provided an extensive reviews on the various mounts and accessories.

Getting the best GoPro model for the individual does not necessarily mean buying the most expensive model of the one with the newest technology. If you have experience with GoPro cameras and you want the top of the line model, then the Hero4 black may be right for you. However, you might be new to action photography and in this case, the standard GoPro might be the right way to go. To get the best model for your needs, you have to consider things like your budget, how you plan to use the camera and the different features and options that come with the different models. Read our full GoPro reviews for more information.